The aim of the Golden Clip Awards is:

  • To recognize excellence in employer branding video,
  • To raise awareness of the importance of video in employer branding, and
  • To inspire companies to innovate and learn from best practice companies around the world.

The award for the best global employer branding video will be judged by a jury of five judges on three criteria:

  • Alignment with the company's employer brand strategy,
  • Creative execution, and
  • Shareability.

  1. Who can participate in the competition?
    • The competition is open to all organizations that fulfill the following:
      • Employs at least 5 people in full time employment.
      • Company was founded no later than the 1st of January 2015.
      • The nominated video is uploaded online and public on YouTube or Vimeo.
      • Non-English videos must include English subtitles.
      • Videos nominated for the 2016 version of the Golden Clip Awards are ineligible.
  2. World awards of the Golden Clip Awards:
    • The selection will take place in three rounds:
      • Based on selection criteria, in the first round the jury selects the TOP 20 videos from all nominated videos.
      • In the second round, each judge has the right to use a wild card and choose one video that didn’t advance to TOP 20 from the nominated ones. (This means there will be a maximum of 5 wild card videos added to the list of the TOP 20 leading to a maximum of the TOP 25 videos.)
      • In the third round, a jury selects three best videos from the Top 25 list from which the winner and runners-up of the Golden Clip Awards will be chosen.
    • In addition to the global Golden Clip Awards, the jury reserves the right to award the Golden Clip Awards also at national level.
  3. National awards of the Golden Clip Awards:
    • A Golden Clip will be awarded at a national level subject to the following criteria being met:
      • There are at least 5 videos from the same country that have met the conditions of the competition.
      • The video nominated by the company gets the best ranking compared to other videos from the same country.
  4. Nomination of videos:
    • To nominate a video it must be uploaded on the Golden Clip Awards website at www.goldenclipawards.com.
    • The video can be uploaded via the form on the website from 10th of December 2016 to 31th of March 2017.
    • The nominated video can be registered via the website form by uploading the video link from www.youtube.com or www.vimeo.com.
  5. Further information:
    • By nominating the video there is no claim for competitors for being included into the competition.
    • Whether the registered videos meet the terms of competition is the organizer's responsibility.
    • The organizer is entitled to exclude those videos at any time that:
      • Are out of topic.
      • Are detrimental to the reputation of the organizer, their partners or clients.
      • Consist of obscene, discriminatory, defamatory, offensive or illegal content.
    • By sending the video, the company as a competitor confirms that:
      • It is the author of the video and its content.
      • It has settled all the rights with persons who are displayed in the photos and video, including the authorization to provide this photo or video to the competition and to publish them.
      • By organizer’s use of the content, rights of the third parties are neither violated nor jeopardize in any manner; and the competitor commits to indemnify the organizer from any claims raised against organizer from any individuals.
      • Agrees with the publication of a video on the websites www.goldenclipawards.com, www.youtube.com, www.facebook.com and any other channel, which is, by the organizer, considered as appropriate and beneficial for spreading the idea of the competition.
      • Agrees that the video can remain on YouTube from the day of applying for the competition, during the competition itself and one year after the completion of the competition.
    • The organizer reserves the right at any time before and during the competition to modify or change the terms and conditions of the competition as well as the right to shorten the competition, postpone, suspend or cancel completely, even without giving any reason and without any compensation.
    • By nominating the video, company agrees of sending e-mail notifications or notifications from social networks.
    • Participation in the competition can not be enforced by legal means.
    • It is not possible to claim financial or any other compensation instead of the prizes.

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